Placing Bids on Event With Reserve Price

You can view the details of the RFQ and E-Auction events that you have been invited as a supplier and submit your bids within the required time frames on Promena e-Sourcing System.

Sometimes events has a rules which set by the company that opened the event for bidding. One of these rules is the Reserve Price. If this feature is enabled, the company that managing the process will be able to set the reserve price on a line basis.There are 2 options about this feature:

If the Reserve Price Supplier Access feature is enabled,you can see the base price information defined on a line basis in the Bidding Screen.

If the 

You can submit your bids and renew them more than once until the system time reaches 0.If Automatic Extension is on in the events, the event will automatically expire when the last minute bids. The bids will not be accepted after the event has passed the Closed state.

You can use the left menu to move to other pages related to the events.


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