Event Settings

Once you have created an Request for Proposal (RFQ) or e-Auction event on the Promena e-Sourcing System, you need to set up your event's general information and event settings.

Event Settings: Contains important competition and time settings related to your event. It is located in the General Info page in the event menu.

Note: Depending on your company settings, you may not be able to see all of these features.

  1. e-Auction Format: If the event type is e-Auction, you should select the the e-auction format. Default format is English Auction.
  2. Bid Direction: It is the selection of bid direction as Purchasing Event or Sales Event.
  3. Competition Info: The following competitive information which can be opened to the suppliers. In your events, invited suppliers can not see the names and number of other suppliers. They can only see the competition info that you select in this field.
    • Leading: Suppliers see the color Green for items that they are leading, Red for items that they are not leading, Orange for items that they are on equal bid with another supplier.
    • Ranking: Suppliers see their ranking for the items and/or group total lines and/or grand total lines.
    • Best Bid: Suppliers see the current best bid for the items and/or group total lines and/or grand total lines.
    • Bid Difference with Competitor Ahead: Suppliers will see the bid difference with closest competitor ahead.
    • Bid Difference with Competitor Behind: Suppliers will see the bid difference with closest competitor behind.
  4. Best Bid Settings: If this feature is enabled, two options will appear:
    • Best Bidding Visibility: If activated and the Best Bid competitive info is open, suppliers that do not have bid will also see the best bid.
    • : If activated, suppliers will have to be better than the best bid when revising their bids.
  5. If activated, suppliers will not be able to enter bid without uploading a document.
  6. Pre-Bid Phase: This feature is only available in the e-Auction events. It is used in order to collect starting bids before e-Auction. When this feature is activated, two options will appear:
    • If activated, suppliers who do not participate in the pre-bid phase can not participate to the e-Auction event.
  7. Start / Finish Date: The start and end dates of the event.
  8. Automatic Extension: It is used to apply automatic extension for your event. The duration of the automatic extension is determined in minutes. For example, if 5 minutes is set, the event automatically extends for 5 minutes when a new bid reached in last 5 minutes of the event.

Important Note: Please remember to click the Save button at the bottom right of the page after you have filled out General Info and set the Event Settings.

To access other pages related to your event, please click on the corresponding link in the event menu on the left side of the screen.

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